Sanna Kramsi - Portfolio Who? Me?

Work experience

Senior Accessibility Engineer


I moved to our new accessibility technology specialization. I will continue to do accessibility work like audits, training and monitoring. I still have huge plans for Exove when it comes to accessibility.

I still work with Drupal and web development. I'm a front-end leaning full-stack developer and a tech lead.

I'm also the accessibility ambassador at Exove.

Technical Competence Manager


I am now one of the technical competence managers at Exove. Part of my job is to take care of our developers - make sure they have everything they need to succeed and that they are feeling well. I will also guide my people on their developer journeys, which is something I'm really excited about.

I will also get to take part in the recruitment process with my TCM colleagues.

Senior Developer

2022/04 - 2024/04

I work mainly with Drupal. I'm still a front-end leaning full-stack developer. I've been working as both the front-end lead and the tech lead in projects. I've also been mentoring others.

Exove supports my growth as an accessibility expert. I'm doing audits and I've been training people. I have huge plans for accessibility at Exove.

I was elected as the company's main employee representative in March 2022. I had to give up the role when I started working as a technical competence manager in November 2022.

I started as a team lead in one of Helsinki's teams in June 2022. This role I also had to give up in November 2022 due to becoming a technical competence manager.


2021/05 - 2022/04

My work consisted of working on various projects in teams. Mainly working with Drupal.

I've also been able to continue doing accessibility audits and in all kinds of ways improving my knowledge of accessibility. I also founded the accessibility guild for Exove, accessibility has previously been a part of another guild but we felt it could use its own guild.

Web Developer, Accessibility Specialist

2014/11 - 2021/05
Karhu Helsinki Oy

I created websites with Drupal (7-9). Most projects involving both backend and frontend responsibilities. In the beginning, my projects were mainly solo projects. Since Karhu Helsinki started using developer teams I worked both solo and as a part of a team of 2-4 people. I was the lead developer in most of my team's projects.

I was a founding member of Karhu Helsinki's accessibility team together with two of my colleagues. We did several accessibility audits together and we were defining the accessibility guidelines for our company.

My developer position was expanded with more accessibility responsibilities in 2021, after which my job title changed from "Web Developer" to "Web Developer, Accessibility Specialist".

In January 2021 I started as an occupational safety and health ombudsman for Karhu Helsinki.

Assistant Art Director

2011/01 - 2014/11
Karhu Helsinki Oy

My job was to assist our clients in using their websites. I helped with content updates, created banners and other visual content etc. Even got to create some Flash banners and other visuals before Flash died.

I was directly in contact with our clients via email and phone.

I've created newsletters, both design and technical implementations. Our main tool is MailChimp, I've created both custom templates and modified MailChimp templates. I've been the MailChimp responsible for our company since we started using MailChimp at the end of 2011. I was also teaching our clients to use MailChimp.

While doing my basic tasks, I was slowly taking more and more coding responsibilities. I ended up switching to a developer position after noticing I preferred to code and an opportunity arose.

Web Designer

2008/12 - 2009/02

I worked under a fixed-term employment contract for Eilakaisla. I was positioned at Nokia's office in Salo.

My job was to update and improve the intranet site of the Quality Assurance & Testing (QAT) business unit. My job included graphic design, user surveys, and content production among others. I designed a PowerPoint template and a few email templates as well (requirements provided by Nokia).

I also made sure the doclib document management system of QAT was up to date. I also wrote a brief info package of doclib to QAT's employees.